Colour, Farbe, Color

Well colour sure beats black and white, I am old enough to remember when televisions became colour, wow, it was amazing. I used to ride my bike to my grandparents down the coast to look at their colour TV in amazement. Then later came digital photography, just after I bought a fancy SLR camera too. Off I’d go with the roll of film too the photo processor at the shopping centre and wait a couple of days then pay about a dollar a photo. How things have changed…for the better…for a change. The Kodachrome challenge I assume means finding bright and vibrant colours whilst riding your bike around your neighbourhood. A ballooning competition would make this easy but the Australian championships aren’t on in Northam for another 6 months so I’ll see what I can do. To start my post here’s some sunset photos I’ve taken on my ride home from work. I’m lucky to have flexitime at work which means I can pretty much come and go when it suits me so long as I work 37 and a half hours a week. To avoid the heat I’m leaving work at Midland to my home in Gooseberry Hill at about 5-30pm then it’s an hours ride home, with the last 20 minutes going back and forth up the Zig- Zag which is an old train track. The bonus is usually a great sunset with Kodachrome colours and the city lights becoming brighter as I head up the hill. Here’s some photos.

I wasn’t drunk, the photo was on an angle to include the moon in the far top-right corner.



My Autumn equinox photo from my driveway. The sun sets just north of the city skyscrapers 17kms away on 20th March and will keep heading further north on the horizon until the Winter solstice.

On one of my rides to the coast I stopped and checked out the annual ‘Sculptures by the Sea’ ,surely there will be lots of colour here.



Well since my last post I’ve been pretty active on the bike with lots of rides with the local cycle touring club, Wildhog rides on Saturday with mates, going to work and just riding around by myself in a leisurely fashion. I’m planning a ride to Albany on the south coast in April when it cools down. Alas, not everything is smooth sailing. After some recent gardening I upset my sciatica nerve in my back, I could barely get out of the bed in the morning for the first three days but slowly it warmed up and after about ten minutes I managed to walk around, it’s a lot better now and riding my bike is no problem although some of my upper right leg is still has some numbness. Also I recently got some mountain biking shoes, from my 15 year old son, as he’d out grown them, I think  I’d better be very nice to him from now on.

A bland red brick water pumping station near the river has been turned into a colourful mural. I think it’s to do with the Aboriginal dreamtime story of the Swan River being created by the river serpent the Wagyl .


My cycle touring club jersey. Enough bright colours to make the biblical Joseph blush. Don’t want those motorists to not see me.


Just recently I joined a few mates and their friends at a Texas holdem poker weekend at York 90kms east of Perth. Whilst they recovered from a late boozy gambling night I went riding around the countryside in the morning, it was quite cool ,25celsius, for March. Here’s the route below for my cycle to an isolated hotel for a steak sandwich.

Relive ‘York to Greenhills and back’

Well I think I’ve crammed enough into one post. 

Wishing you warmth and lots of cycling








I live in the hills just east of the city of Perth, Western Australia and I've loved cycling all my life, From riding to primary school when I was 8 years old to cycle touring as a grumpy old man. Cycling is freedom on two wheels and I love getting on my bike at any opportunity.

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  1. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: March 23, 2021

    The daguerreotype camera is outmoded now? I have some catching up to do!
    Those are some beautiful sunset/equinox photos!
    The chrome sculpture is outstanding!
    Sorry to hear you have/had back issues, my riding partner is on the DL for similar reasons.
    Super cool video and photos!
    Did you ride across what appears to be a narrow suspension bridge? Yikes!

    • By: Lednar De Nalloh Posted: March 24, 2021

      I had to look up the daguerreotype camera, very interesting the evolution of photography. I did ride across that bridge very carefully as it swayed quite a bit half way across.

  2. By: BobinVT Posted: March 23, 2021

    Some great colors, and I also love that chrome thingie on the beach.

    Your post made me think of my pre-digital photography experience. I made the mistake of using slide film for a couple years, before realizing that when you have slides, you almost never look at the pictures again. Eventually had to go through the time and effort of getting them all digitized.

    Hope your back continues to improve.

    • By: Lednar De Nalloh Posted: March 24, 2021

      Not sure what the chrome thingy is, well a sculpture I suppose or maybe it could be a top secret craft from Area 52 from Rosewell that crashed here. Slides, didn’t we used to bore all our family and friends at slide nights many years ago, so 70’s.

      • By: BobinVT Posted: March 24, 2021

        Yes that, and home movies. Both great ways to torment friends and relatives.

  3. By: gregblood Posted: March 23, 2021

    Between the working, gardening, poker playing, and all the cycling, man, you’ve been busy. It’s no wonder your sciatica acted up. I’m anxious to read all about your upcoming tour to Albany.

    Also, nice technique in that sunset picture where you tilted your camera to include the moon.

    • By: Lednar De Nalloh Posted: March 24, 2021

      I have been busy (don’t forget the 37.5 hours of attending work every week too), lucky most nights I just chill with a few drinks and some computer surfing. Haven’t yet got a victim (oops, I mean fellow cycle tourer) to travel to Albany with me yet, Shane and I might do another trip to Kalbarri in August doing a different route. My dilemma is where do I write it up, if at all. When the other site dumped you I was rather annoyed. I’m working on setting up my own blog or maybe Cycleblaze.
      I think our photography skills are, how should I put it…progressing. Susan, Bill and Scott use proper cameras I suppose.

        • By: Lednar De Nalloh Posted: March 24, 2021

          Hi Suzanne. Good question,
          I suppose if I use Cycleblaze it’ll be the kiss of death at the other site and there’s a few folks who contact me on that site ATM. Also being a techno-phobe not sure how I’ll go using new software. I’ve downloaded everything onto my drives. I suppose I just don’t like change and dumping things. This goldfish will just have to jump into the other bowl in a ‘leap of faith’.

          • By: Suzanne Posted: March 26, 2021

            Led, If you do post on CycleBlaze Neil is sure to inform you that your cgoab account will be deleted. However, the software for posting new journals on CB is simple and Jeff, the admin, is willing to transfer your old journals for you (it might take a while for him to get around to it, though). It seems they have a software program that can convert the files. Converting manually is a pain. Losing your contacts over at cgoab is probably the real problem. I had that situation years ago when I was banned because I was riding an e-bike.

  4. By: Laura Posted: March 23, 2021

    A beautiful blue sky like in your pictures, is certainly enough color to cheer me up. Nice photographs!

    • By: Lednar De Nalloh Posted: March 24, 2021

      Lots of blue sky here, usually our farmers are praying for more rain. Glad I cheered you up, hang in there, your summers not far away.

  5. By: The Navigator Posted: March 24, 2021

    Really nice collection of pics – sunsets and sunny days at the beach. You’ve definitely been busy. Does WA do daylight savings? If so, I’m guessing you will still be in the flat bits on the way home when the sun sets in a few weeks time. I much prefer the darkness in them morning. I think I read you are having a very toasty autumn. Sometimes when summer hangs on, the coolness of winter is just such a relief. Autumn here has been quite nice. We did finally get some rain the past 2 days, after 6 weeks with none, but not enough… the coastal areas seemed to have hogged it all, lol.

    • By: Lednar De Nalloh Posted: March 24, 2021

      Thanks Nav. Sunsets and sunny days at the beach is something we can do quite well here. We haven’t had daylight savings for many years here, we get enough sun anyway I suppose and it might fade our curtains. The countryside here is greener than usual with a few few tropical depressions coming our way. My fellow workmate who lives at Toodyay just 70kms away reckons she got 165mm a couple of weeks ago and the Swan Rivers pretty brown at the moment, nothing like the drenching on the east coast though.

  6. By: Suzanne Posted: March 24, 2021

    Great colors for the challenge! Blue sky sure looks good. Hope your back is better, sciatica is so painful.

    • By: Lednar De Nalloh Posted: March 24, 2021

      I’m sure you’ll be outside in a short while soaking up those warming sun rays, but until then I’ll just make all the northern hemisphere folks jealous. The back is getting better however I’m very scared to push my luck and lift anything or go sailing, luckily cycling seams ok.

  7. By: Rocky Posted: March 24, 2021

    Great photos! I’d be jealous if we weren’t in Southern Utah!

    • By: Lednar De Nalloh Posted: March 25, 2021

      Love that part of the USA, so much stark beauty, I was there in 1986, alas so far away.

  8. By: NancyG Posted: March 24, 2021

    Nice! Sun, color and beach — oh my.

    • By: Lednar De Nalloh Posted: March 25, 2021

      Sun and beaches we do well, just need some snow covered mountains close by.

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