I have had an issue of not being able to get on the site. Even though it said I was a logged in, I could do nothing, including any replies to posts. Terribly frustrating. Bill has been able to help me find a way in, but I don’t know if it will last so will post this hurriedly right now.

I was successful in avoiding the forecasted rain (yesterday – Friday) ;’-). That may be due to not having the forecast come to fruition until much later in the afternoon! I passed up a ride the day before due to a similar forecast, and in that case we had quite a bit of sun instead of rain. I was determined to not let that happen again. 

I did stay closer to home just in case 😏, and took my eyes to C for the day.




Candy Cane



I have never paid much attention to chimneys until Rich said how he liked the one I had posted earlier, and hoped I would find more. Now my eyes are peeled, my curiosity is piqued, and I will be on the lookout for more. There are some different shapes, exteriors, and some buildings  seem to have them hidden or non existent?? I would love to see what type of chimneys you all have in your area. I will share more as I find them. 🤗🤔

4 response to "C’S THE DAY"

  1. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: December 11, 2021

    Great C photos, and of course the chimney is a favorite!
    My friend from Tennessee insists on calling them a Chimbley. 🙂

    I too have had, and am still having, issues getting in — I took the C-ircuitous route of Registration, (from the Log In Box) then, Dashboard, and Recent Activity to get here.

    • By: NancyG Posted: December 11, 2021

      Before I get booted out — like I was a minute ago — I will post here to thank you for the reply, but also let you and others know that I can not consistently access the site. Sometimes when I do get in, and it says I am logged in, I still cannot post.

  2. By: Suzanne Posted: December 11, 2021

    I like your title, very clever!
    I can’t log in either, but I just now managed by clicking the ‘comment’ button in the email notification. I wonder if that will work again.

    • By: NancyG Posted: December 12, 2021

      Thanks for the title comment ;’-). Finally I seem able to log in and ON. Even when I could get into the site and could see and read posts, It would not take my log in. A mess I am hoping has been fixed ;’-).

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