Cycle Days Challenge: April 2022

A short month, just 30 days and very few rides. Medical stuff kept me off my bike for several days and a trip to Italy’s Lake Garda without our bikes meant another week’s pause. On the days I could ride, the weather was fine, for cycling anyway. The farmers would have liked more rain.

Here are the pictures from my rides in April.

I'm a US born ex-pat, having lived most of my adult life in Munich, Germany. Cycling and photography are my favorite things.

3 response to "Cycle Days Challenge: April 2022"

  1. By: NancyG Posted: May 5, 2022

    I think I like the round bench — but all of them are of course on my favorite list ;’-). It is always hard to be forced off your bike by any physical stuff like being in the hospital!!!! But so glad all is well for you.

    • By: Suzanne Posted: May 5, 2022

      Thank you, Nancy. I am so happy to have all that behind me and to have it confirmed that all is well.

  2. By: gregblood Posted: May 5, 2022

    And the winner of the “Greg’s Favorite Suzanne Picture” award for the month of April goes to . . . “After the storm.” It beat out “Logs & Rough Paths” by a hair, thanks to the tree across the road.

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