I just wrote to Suzanne on her challenge post that I had forgotten all about this challenge. Having been such a year, maybe that is not such a bad thing for 2020!

But I am now entering the challenge: RIDE 15 DAYS AND TAKE A PHOTO OF MY BIKE EACH OF THOSE DAYS FROM 9/15-12/31 2020. I thought if I posted this here I would remember and actually do the challenge.

I can only guess that Tuesday 9/15 will be a riding day, but for now that is the potential for us. I have been riding all through the year, but will not post any photos from any of those rides as I do not know the date or day I did them. I want to follow the rules. There aren’t many, so stick to it.

As with Suzanne, I will not include errand rides unless I do an errand on a planned fun ride.

Let’s see if I can follow through this time ??. Anyone else want to join Rich?


  1. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: September 13, 2020

    Im in! Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

    • By: NancyG Posted: September 13, 2020

      Yes! So glad you will join in.

  2. By: Scooter Posted: September 13, 2020

    Lordy, I hope there will be fifteen clear days. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be trapped indoors like this. I’ve been speaking with a friend who was jailed as a CO during the Vietnam war, and he said this is worse.

    • By: NancyG Posted: September 14, 2020

      Imagine my dismay, after believing the air would be getting better through last night, when I see the AQI this morning no better than yesterday. And it seems now they are saying this will last through most of this week!! Dismal.

  3. By: Laura Posted: September 14, 2020

    If it weren’t for the smoke, you probably ride 15 days in a month! A couple weeks ago, I was so excited because I was going to at least have done 100 miles this year. Then I came home and realized that the odometer had achieved over 100 miles, but some of them were from last year when I bought the new computer! That sure busted my bubble! I do think reasonable challenges motivate me…like you’ve done with the “ride together” idea, so I’ll take your challenge. If I only do ten that’s more exercise than sitting on the couch. I got over feeling like a failure years ago when things haven’t gone as planned. I’m also doing a 31 day challenge through Silver Sneakers online. I just began today and even though it was a very easy cardio routine, I felt better. Hoping weather is good for Tuesday…also hoping this time I don’t have anything that causes me to have to turn around until I want to.

    • By: NancyG Posted: September 14, 2020

      I agree that challenges like these are motivators for getting out for a ride. I ride anyway, but a challenge adds a little something to my rides. I am happy that you will join this challenge. We set our own ride goals, and yours sounds just great to me.

      I had started this month with the goal of completing the challenge of BIKE 30 DAYS OF SEPTEMBER. So much for that!

      Anyway — let’s ride on when we can ;’-).

  4. By: Suzanne Posted: September 14, 2020

    Hey, Nancy, that’s great that you are taking up the challenge. Your sad air quality isn’t making it easy for you. I hope you get some rain (rain now being a positive thing) soon and that winter temperatures hold off for a while. BTW, I haven’t been too strict about the length of the rides, sometimes shopping counts ?. Some rules are made to be broken.

    Laura and Rich, so good that you are joining, too!

  5. By: NancyG Posted: September 14, 2020

    Hi Suzanne, I am so glad to have rediscovered you challenge. And now that you tell me that some shopping outings count, I may have to do that if our air and weather crimp my other riding! At this moment, looking at our morning weather and air forecast, Saturday (today is Monday) may be the first opportunity for me to ride — and that day has some possibility of rain. If it is not pouring rain, I will ride in it ;’-).

    I like your ‘rule’ of ‘some rules are made to be broken’ ?.

  6. By: The Navigator Posted: September 15, 2020

    I visited Seattle in summer 1996. The city was in a heat wave and was 94 degrees the day I visited the Space Needle. However, it was very clear and you could see mountains from the Space Needle that the tour guides said were rare to see. It all seemed so strange to me… that a city wouldn’t have many ‘clear’ days and that 94 degrees was hot? It was very different to Colorado! I had never visited a ‘rainy’ place before. It must be odd to say the view from the Space Needle is limited by smoke instead of rain clouds! Hoping you get some good air quality, cooler temps and some of that ‘dreadful’ rain soon!

  7. By: Lednar De Nalloh Posted: September 15, 2020

    My only night in Seattle was spent in the back of a van with two guys from New Zealand in a shopping Centre parking lot (I travelled cheaply) and in the morning a guy tried to sign us up to join some cult. In the distance you could see Mt Rainier hovering in the sky, guess that wouldn’t be happening now.

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