Cycle Days with Victoria – In a Rose Garden

Munich Westpark
June 6, 2018

What a treat the Rosengarten in Munich’s Westpark is this year. It seems everything is in full bloom at the same time. The perfumes of the different varieties of roses compete with each other, and if you walk a few meters away towards the linden trees, you are overwhelmed by their scent.
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9 response to "Cycle Days with Victoria – In a Rose Garden"

  1. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: June 9, 2018

    That truly is beautiful!!
    And Beer too? What more could a person want?
    Well, to get there and back by bicycle of course!

  2. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: June 9, 2018

    I need help with a question.

    How do you introduce your post with the small photo and text to the side of it before getting to the main part of the Post?
    It has to be way simpler than I can find, or so complicated I wouldnt understand how to do it anyway 😉


    • By: Bill Stone Posted: June 9, 2018

      Rich, when creating (or editing) a post, look all the way down and over in the lower right corner. If you click the “Set Featured Image” link you’ll get a new screen with options: to select a featured image from one already uploaded, or to upload a picture to use as the featured image. Either way, once you have chosen the featured image, it will automatically appear beside your text on the main page of cycle365, and it will also automatically appear at the top of the page with your post.

      • By: Rich-Illinois Posted: June 10, 2018

        Thanks! Will give that a try!
        My usual By Guess and By Gosh methodology just wasn’t working!

      • By: Suzanne Posted: June 10, 2018

        Thanks for providing the clear explanation, Bill. Saved me from getting it jumbled.

    • By: Suzanne Posted: June 10, 2018

      Hi Rich,
      I’m glad Bill beat me to it and explained how to get the pictures like that. I know how to do it but am terrible at explaining.

      • By: Rich-Illinois Posted: June 10, 2018

        Thanks. to you, and Bill, the thing that had me puzzled was that in Preview, the Featured Image doesnt appear, so I couldnt tell if the text was where I wanted it or not, so I thought I had something out of order.
        It all turns out fine when published.

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