“Cyclist’s Favourite Treats, And Where To Find Them In Lednar’s Town”

OK, I shamelessly copied and pasted Greg’s last post title with a few alterations but doing something as easy as you can appeals to me. I rode my bike up to Kalamunda’s Sunday Growers Market yesterday hoping to get some fresh Blue Mana Crabbs but they’re not in season so I ended up going into the supermarket for some ice cream.

The markets were crowded with people taking advantage of our Covid 19 Free status. Right now there’s real battle to try and keep it under control on the Eastern seaboard but how long will people put up with constant lockdowns and restrictions? The more far flung and isolated parts of this island-continent-nation like WA, SA and Tasmania have a chance for the moment. I get my second dose of Pfiser on Saturday and there were no side effects I noticed last time.

First sign of Spring, a blossoming tree, then soon will come the Magpie attacks.
German sausages are popular.
Local home grown honey. Millions of Aussie bees are exported to California to help the walnut harvest.
Cup cakes and doughnuts.
Never considered savoury waffles before. I’ll stick with the Nuttella, banana, strawberries, ice cream combinations.
Taco Maria for Mexican food
Baker’s Delight bakery. A loaf is about US$3
The flavoured ice cream motherload
Coffee and ice cream on the verandah. Delicious
On my daily lunchtime walk at work I often I go foraging for edible plants along the way. Right now nasturtiums are everywhere. You can eat the leaves and flowers and put them in salads and they have a peppery taste. Last month there were lots of Lilly Pilly fruit and soon there will be free mulberries and figs to enjoy.

I knocked up a short video of my trip to the Kalamunda Growers Market.

In my distant past life of bachelordom I could really do some amazing things with a can of sardines, microwaved potatoes and spaghetti sauce (my mates called it ‘sardine surprise’) and many other quick and easy food combinations, however Lovely Wife considered these disgusting and inedible. I’ve become a lazy cook and succumbed to her superior cooking abilities. I will attempt to cook something for my next post, maybe toasted cheese sandwiches or something more adventurous…stay tuned.

Bye for now.

I live in the hills just east of the city of Perth, Western Australia and I've loved cycling all my life, From riding to primary school when I was 8 years old to cycle touring as a grumpy old man. Cycling is freedom on two wheels and I love getting on my bike at any opportunity.

12 response to "“Cyclist’s Favourite Treats, And Where To Find Them In Lednar’s Town”"

  1. By: Suzanne Posted: August 17, 2021

    I enjoyed the video of the market, Led. How did you get your ice cream home without it melting? Is the air so cold still? The “authentic” German sausages, well, I don’t know. With chili? Or maybe the kransky aren’t called authentic German. They sound good.

    • By: Lednar De Nalloh Posted: August 18, 2021

      It’s only a 10 minute ride downhill to home and only about 20 Celsius so the ice cream was fine. I enjoyed my ‘Bratwurst mit Brot und bier’ when I was in Munich.

  2. By: NancyG Posted: August 17, 2021

    All those food choices at the market make me hungry even after my very satisfying breakfast. Like you — I am not much of a cook, nor do I enjoy cooking, so I have not even thought of posting something here that I have “created”! And I don’t feel that I will do that. Oh dear, I hope we have not put an idea into the Chief Chef’s bonnet about adding this as a challenge!!!

    Nice post Led.

    • By: gregblood Posted: August 17, 2021

      Don’t worry Nancy, there will be no more challenges related to food. I have so many other ideas to challenge everybody with. I hope I don’t freak anybody out. (Just kidding.)

      • By: Lednar De Nalloh Posted: August 18, 2021

        Me cooking a meal, now that’s what I really call a challenge.

  3. By: gregblood Posted: August 17, 2021

    Good thing you got the ice cream, because I just don’t think Blue Manna Crabs are a cycling favorite. Plus, you got to visit the farmer’s market, which looks very nice. Overall, that was an excellent food post.

    • By: Lednar De Nalloh Posted: August 18, 2021

      The crabs here have super sweet flesh although a lot of work to break open the shell to get at it.

  4. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: August 17, 2021

    All looks very good!
    Very few crabs here, well, there IS that one guy . . . .

    • By: Lednar De Nalloh Posted: August 18, 2021

      If you could create a genetically modified corn eating crab, you’d be overwhelmed.

  5. By: The Navigator Posted: August 19, 2021

    Looks like a good market. Definitely no crabs here, but there used to be all sorts of trout products from the guy with the trout farm. But he has since retired. You have late starter magpies! I start getting swooped here by 3 guys in mid-July. By August, I’ll get swooped on every ride until about November. I just did a 4-day ride with short daily kms and got swooped on Day 1, 2 and twice on day 4. None broke any skin though, so all is good.

  6. By: Lednar De Nalloh Posted: August 20, 2021

    No Maggie attacks yet, but I know where they live and are ready. I wear a wide brimmed cap under my helmet so hopefully they won’t get the chance to peck my eyes out.

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