Danger Is My Business

Hi folks. I’ve fallen behind for two reasons. One of them is that I was on one of my mini-tours. The other is that I have not been getting e-mail notifications of new posts. What’s up with that, huh?

In lieu of writing comments about how great all your DANGER Challenge posts are, I’ll just add one of my own. They all come from the last day of the aforementioned mini-tour, and I wasn’t even looking for them–they just magically appeared out of nowhere.

The last two words are a little weathered, but I think they used to read “extreme turnbuckles. Or maybe “extraneous tugbuicks.” Or “extra turbo violence.”

I’m not going in there, that’s for sure.

On my Cycleblaze journal, I posted a video showing how I almost went flying over that cliff, right into the Mississippi River. I made a second video that day, but I saved that one exclusively for Cycle365. It depicts a VOCAL warning from a million screaming birds. I think they were saying, “DANGER! There is a cat, hawk, or other predator in the area.”

Thank you, birds.

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  1. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: November 5, 2022

    From CycleBlaze journal:

    Dang! First Bill and now you almost going over a cliff!!
    You ‘may’ have had the softer landing!

    Thank you birds!

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