February Challenge

Putting the B in February -or- Febberery if you are from around here 😉

I’m thinking with all the Bareness around this time of year for most of us, we should look for denuded View Blockers that display:

Interesting Branches, Bark, Bumps, Burls, or even a Bare area devoid of much of anything

(Helen suggests including anything that begins with the letter B — not a Bad idea, Helen, thanks!  Let’s Do That!!)

Things to look for as you do your normal cycling — not as an end in itself (unless you want it to be)

Which is to say the Challenge is to supplement our enjoyment of cycling, not supplant it with only specified things to look for

So, ride on, and if something shows up, so much the better

B careful and have FUN!!

Include your Bicycle when practical to do so


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