Flags in France

I now think that the frequency of France’s “tricolore” can compete with the Stars and Stripes. It hasn’t been hard in the past few days to get many shots of this country’s version of red, white and blue. A couple of shots were taken in the last days of July, but I didn’t want to pass them up.

Hattmatt’s town hall, the flag of the European Union is also common
Again in Hattmatt
In la Petite Pierre, a fortified castle on a hill top

Now for some unusual things with flags.First a picture of a boat lift, an extraordinary invention, including a boat with a flag. For the story I refer you to my journal.

Boat lift on the Marne-Rhine Canal
A banner at the top of the lift

Being on the outlook for flags resulted in an interesting encounter. We rode past a home with all sorts of bric-a-brac in the yard and flags, too. While I was taking a picture of this unusual collection of curios and flags, the owner happened to come out to check his mail box. I hoped he didn’t mind that I was taking pictures of his house and yard. No, he didn’t, in fact he was delighted. He gave us the grand tour of his yard, his special gazebo filled with more ojects, some of which he crafted himself, and then his house, downstairs and upstairs. He has been collecting for 40 years he said. We were then invited to sit down for a drink of cold water before we got back on our bikes.

I first stopped for the flags.
There was moe to come.
Just part of the downstairs collection

Our friendly host in his kitchen getting us some water.

There was more than I have pictures of, but I think you get the idea!

That was it for now, let’s see what the next days here in Alsace bring.

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  1. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: August 2, 2022

    Great flags and pennants.
    The boat lift is particularly fascinating — we have those in the States? Not around here! 😉

    The Collector is a very unusual find — look at all that stuff! Wow!

  2. By: gregblood Posted: August 3, 2022

    The French flag is much less ostentatious than the U.S. flag. And “Vive la France” has a nicer ring to it than the supposedly patriotic chant of “USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!”

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