We *think*, or thought they were going to repave our local neighborhood roads. So far we have had a lot — a lot — of repairing of cracks and holes. but no repaving. Maybe this is all they plan to do.

I found this interesting one on today’s ride — at first sighting I thought of a zebra, then I look again and think maybe a pterodactyl. I guess there are many things it could be intepreted to be, depending on the viewer or interpreter.

What do you see?

2 response to "FOR OUR YEAR ‘ROUNDS"

  1. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: July 27, 2022

    Uhhhh Has someone been eating those magic mushroom pizzas from Monicals??

    A really bad outline of North America?

    Oh! I might mention here, that as of this date, the Lamp and Reflector race is very close between 2 contenders.
    Helen is leaning toward Brattleboro, VT as top prize since we lost our Stink Ditch here, tourism here has dropped off considerably. And now, that the tomato plant has also been further severely damaged, well, you know . . . .

    A few days left to see who pulls ahead in Lamps and Reflectors.

    • By: NancyG Posted: July 28, 2022

      Oh no! I better slow down and be sure to give the better guy the chance to win ;’-). The fewer of us posting will give that chance to the well deserved ;’-).

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