Gravity Again

Nothing dramatic to be seen from the street or alley sides, but . . . . .

The sidewalk and parking spaces from 223 to 213 E. Main were cordoned off Saturday after the Countryside Mall roof reportedly fell in last week. Residents in the area Sunday morning reported the roof collapse happened a couple of days earlier, shaking the ground.

Previous collapse seen from alley looking east

On a more sombre note, the owner of the building was in it when it collapsed, and later succumbed to his injuries.  The fact he was in there at the time was not reported until his passing.

Communication here leaves a great deal to be desired.

4 response to "Gravity Again"

  1. By: Scooter Posted: August 31, 2020

    A tragic but interesting post, Rich. So much luck in life – I think of that biking under some of the old, majestic trees I’m so fond of, if you’re there at the wrong time, there’s not much to be done about it.

    Somehow I never remember the gravity challenge, but I’m on it now. It’s an inspired idea.

  2. By: Bill Stone Posted: August 31, 2020

    Did I get that right? The owner was inside, the roof collapsed, but no one reported it until a couple of days later?

    • By: Rich-Illinois Posted: August 31, 2020

      I should have worded that differently, at the first collapse (bricks in the alley) the news about him being inside didn’t become public for several days.
      The most recent collapse, the Countryside Mall, apparently didn’t get reported for a few days.
      No one was in there (that we know of — yet)

      “What we have here (in town) is a failure to communicate” Cool Hand Luke 🙂

      • By: Bill Stone Posted: September 1, 2020

        Thanks for clarifying. I misread it and mistakenly conflated the death with the recent collapse, not the older one.

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