Greg’s Gon Green

GREEN. My pictures today will consist of polygons that are green. I didn’t set out to photograph green polygons, though. Polygonist that I am, I would have been pleased to find ANY new polygons. But on this cloudy day with bland gray skies and white yards, green stuff literally assaulted my eyes.

Besides being a color, the word GREEN has several other meanings, and I believe all of those meanings apply to ME.

For example, somebody who is new, a beginner, or inexperienced might be described as being green. I try to pass myself off as an expert on almost everything, but in reality I’m quite green on most things. Let’s take wine-tasting for example. I have written numerous wine reviews, but a true oenophile could say, “I must say, that naive young wine journalist is terribly green when it comes to wine knowledge.” He’d be right, of course. I can’t tell the difference between a 2014 Cabernet and a 2015 Zinfandel. To me, all red wines taste like sour grapes mixed with the sweat that drips from my forehead.

I also fit the definition of being “green with envy.” My green envy extends to all of the great places you Cycle365-ers get to ride your bikes in.

I am also GREEN when it comes to environmentalism, however, I’m sure I’m pretty green (in the “beginner” sense) when compared to people who truly take their carbon footprint seriously by never riding in a motorized vehicle and by reducing their annual waste to something that would fit inside a briefcase.

I am not officially a member of the Green Party, but I have come to like their platform lately. I’m not positive on this, but I seem to remember they got their start as a pro-marijuana party. As a card-carrying member of NORML in the late 70’s and early 80’s, I can’t believe I didn’t hop on board way back then. Unfortunately, I can’t vote for a Green Party candidate because I fear that might result in a Republican being elected by a single vote.

So I’m hoping that after yesterday’s confirmation of our new president, the political season here in the U.S. is over, once and for all. [Oh man, I am so green (in the naive sense) when it comes to the realities of Trump-world. Nevertheless, I am determined to be more green (in the environmental sense) in the upcoming year. And I will never root for the Green Bay Packers.]

Check out my green polygons:

A bright green, 4-sided bird feeder in a gray world.

I thought this green triangular tree was pretty groovy.

Another green triangle.

I bet you didn’t know that green was my favorite color. It was my favorite color even as a little kid. Way back then, I asked my dad what his favorite color was. He thought about it for a couple seconds and said, “green.” I guess the green apple doesn’t fall too far from the green tree.

A rectangle formed by two green shutters.

I saw this florescent green H&R Block square from several blocks away.

Sure, the side of this house is a green, five-sided polygon, but I really took this picture to show the workers who were hammering new shingles onto the very, very steep roof.

9 response to "Greg’s Gon Green"

    • By: gregblood Posted: January 8, 2021

      Still trying to out-funny me, eh Suzanne? Well, you’re succeeding.

  1. By: Scooter Posted: January 7, 2021

    What a brilliant idea, Greg: color-themed polygons. Color me green. It leaves you plenty of room for follow-ups on the same theme. If you work with a jumbo crayons box, you can still fit 63 more posts in this month, all with different colors.

    • By: gregblood Posted: January 8, 2021

      I think the color-themed polygon posts end with green. None of the other 63 colors jumped out at me like Green did yesterday.

  2. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: January 7, 2021

    Ill bet Kermit gives full approval!
    Polygon challenged here aside from windows, doors, and road signs.

    • By: gregblood Posted: January 8, 2021

      “It’s not easy being green.” I know that from Kermit, but it sure was easy FINDING green.

  3. By: NancyG Posted: January 8, 2021

    ‘It ain’t easy being green”. They say.

    I find it interesting how we come up with our “favorite color”. My older sister, who I adored an tried to emulate in many things, had blue as her favorite, so I think I chose that then too. However, my color has evolved into red. Red simply attracts me in whatever form it is in. Now I will have to look for red polygons!! That should prove challenging.

  4. By: Lednar De Nalloh Posted: January 8, 2021

    I’ve heard you’re going green, just don’t wear your good cloths

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