Has It Really Been Four Months?

This morning I realized it’s been over four months since I last put out a cycle365 post. How did that happen? Well, it has been kind of a busy four months, filled with various family events and activities, as well as a couple of health issues thrown in for good measure. So, I’ve been a bit remiss in even following what’s going on, let alone posting. I have been riding pretty consistently, but just haven’t been inspired to take any photos.

So, just to jump back into the pool, here’s a quick post with a couple of photos. It’s not really a challenge post, although I guess if I had done this ride yesterday, I could have gotten credit for the food truck. We’re looking at a hot weekend here, with afternoon temps forecast to be in the 90’s(F). I was out before 8AM this morning to get in a ride before it got too hot. On the way back, I made a stop at the Retreat Farm.

That’s New Hampshire right across the Connecticut River
Nice to get under the shade of this tent for a little while

Retired guy who likes to ride his bike in Vermont.

4 response to "Has It Really Been Four Months?"

  1. By: NancyG Posted: June 25, 2022

    It is SOOOO great to see you back here Bob. I have missed reading your posts and stories Welcome home, and I will trust that you medical stuff is all ok now..

    Btw— my food track is a day late also ;’-). And I think Greg’s might be as well. We do have loose rules though so I think it is all OK,

    • By: BobinVT Posted: June 25, 2022

      Thanks Nancy! Yes, all is well.

  2. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: June 25, 2022

    Hey Bob! Great to see you post!!
    As Nancy said, I hope the medical stuff worked out ok.

    As far as I know, the Challenge Police are pretty easy to work with. 🙂
    (Except for Helen — she is BY THE BOOK!)
    Ask Greg , , , 😉

    Food Truck Day . . . . I wonder if there is an Outdoor Bar Day?

    • By: BobinVT Posted: June 25, 2022

      Thanks Rich! All is good. And if there’s not an Outdoor Bar Day already, there definitely should be!

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