5 response to "Holidays Challenge: — Happy International Sloth Day!"

  1. By: gregblood Posted: October 21, 2022

    How DARE my wife make me paint the bathroom on International Sloth Day!

    • By: Rich-Illinois Posted: October 21, 2022

      Maynard G. Krebs:

  2. By: NancyG Posted: October 21, 2022

    Unintentionally, I fittingly observed Sloth Day ;’-0.

    • By: Rich-Illinois Posted: October 21, 2022

      Chester A. Riley:
      What a revolting development that is!

      Hope things clear up soon!

  3. By: Lednar De Nalloh Posted: October 23, 2022

    My style of cycling, slow and steady

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