I’m not too sure what I should be looking for — ABCDE; CHIMNEYS & SMOKESTACKS; S & Q; RESTAURANTS; ALL OF THESE… PHEW.

Didn’t matter a whole lot today. Having joined a group ride, I could take photos at our one and only stop in the Town Center of Redmond WA. Fortunately the Christmas holiday theme afforded me some Sssss.

Santa is a great S. I do not know who that little child is, but think he adds something to the photo.

Santa’s Sleigh awaits his departure. Rudolf waits at attention.

A Star, a Star twinkling in the blue….

We passed by several other items I would have stopped for had I been on my own. But it was nice to ride with others since most all my riding is done alone.

Now I do think I have a few more ABCDE thingies around and I will gather up some on my next solo ride — possibly on our ”cold sun” day this Sunday.

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