It has surprised me how few IMPERFECTS there have been while on my rides. As this will be my final August Challenge post, I concentrated hard to find what imperfects I could. I was a success.

It looks like someone tried to fix this one but ended up being an imperfect fix.

I don’t know what happened here…

Many house numbers along the way have become imperfect.

One would think that the ”no parking” police would not allow such imperfect to get worse…

This happened somehow — and it is in a parking lot…

I found all of these on my neighborhood ride this morning but none of them are very near to each other. Imperfects are scattered about.

So this will do it for my August Challenge posts as I am doubtful to get much of a ride tomorrow, if any at all. On to September where the machine things will give me good challenge!

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  1. By: NancyG Posted: August 31, 2022

    Thanks Rich — I will try hard to be at least a little diligent in the machine search — thanks for the help. ;’-).

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