What a beautiful day! It was still a bit chilly, but even the filtered sun in the thinly clouded sky was plenty to keep me happy.

As we are showing our usual rides, here is a photo of the road I take just about every time for one of my routes from home.

A lot, a lot, different from Greg’s rides near home! The lane stripes are relatively new from this past fall. Before that there were no bike lane markings, or lane markings at all other than the center line. Now it is great for us riders.

I took the route that goes by Lake Serene that I posted about earlier – not the same total route, but the same to the lake. You will recall the ”No Horses” sign I included in the post, and that indicates that once upon a time, this was a very rural area. So we have reminders of that.

I think the horse is lit up during the holidays, but am not on this road at night, so cannot attest to that.

A piece of old farm equipment is a remnant of times past.

Moving along, there is this table of free stuff that is always there. Sometimes there is very little to nothing on it, most times there is at least something. Today was mostly gardening stuff including fertilizer , weed killer, bagged soil to name a few. There have been small tools and other items at times. I didn’t take anything, just stopped for a photo for you – mundane as it is.

Rain is on the docket for tomorrow, and a lot of it so I will get some prep done for our upcoming trip to CA. Packing and housecleaning head the list.

4 response to "JANUARY RIDE #11"

  1. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: January 20, 2023

    Enjoyed the photos! Always good to see what you see no matter what it may be.
    Envious of the first photo — we have forgotten what the sun looks like.
    Free stuff: I might be interested in the kitty litter and possibly the potty seat. 🙂
    Are the tables free too? JK!

    • By: NancyG Posted: January 21, 2023

      I’m glad you like the normal environment photos as I do find those always interesting as well. We seem to have ‘paid’ for that sun! This morning the temp read 30 degrees and there is heavy frost on all the roof tops and all the ground! I would never have expected this!!!! Supposed to turn to rain at some point as it warms up to ‘rain temps’.

  2. By: Suzanne Posted: January 21, 2023

    Nice bike lane! Last year they made a bike lane on the Gauting’s main street, but it’s so narrow that you are in danger of getting doored on the right, as well as in danger of passing cars on the left. They don’t seem to feel they have to keep a safe distance if a cyclist is in a bike lane, as if that alone protected you. I find it absolutely senseless. I’ll post a picture some day.

    • By: NancyG Posted: January 21, 2023

      I would be happy with just the normal one line lane mark, but they went all out with the buffer lane which is such a great addition. This particular road does not have heavy traffic, but one does not need heavy for traffic to be dangerous so the extra caution lines are a plus.

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