There came a hint of sun that helped get me out for my ride. I was fooled by the diffused sun that was soon to be taken over by the clouds and cold air. But the ride was good.

Nothing too exciting and I was not sure I would find something to share from this ride but I got a couple of little things to mark the ride.

On this route I pass by this picture and rather like it. Finally I stopped for a photo.

Too bad that car is in the photo, but it is marking the address of this house, and not something in a cute little country village.

Moving along I pass by the Amazon Distribution center that is on my route – just another example of what I see on my rides ;’-).

It is, as you would guess, a large facility, that spews over to an additional newly built facility across the road. Need lots of space for all the goods.

From here it was a loop through part of the Boeing Plant and skirting the Airport (PAE, Paine Field Airport). There is Boeing Lake…

…which is right across from these planes that are in some phase of construction.

That was my ride for today. Now packed and almost ready for an early morning departure for our trip to California where I am hopeful to get at least one more for ride this month’s challenge. It will be nice to be in a different area, on a different route and to share a different story/photo or two. I am really getting tired of riding my same routes and am ready for a little change.

6 response to "JANUARY RIDE #13"

  1. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: January 26, 2023

    Prexactly the kind of photos I like to see!
    The red Suburban adds some color!
    Amazon Distribution and the aircraft being built is not something we see.

    • By: NancyG Posted: January 29, 2023

      Thanks Rich. When I ride by these all the time I don’t think of them being of interest. Now, I notice anything that might be a little different for others.

  2. By: gregblood Posted: January 28, 2023

    I like the sign with the elk, but which number is the house address? (7004 6932nd St., perhaps? Or is it 70046932 Elm Street?) One more thing, I can’t decide whether I like Boeing Lake or the Boeing factory better.

    • By: NancyG Posted: January 29, 2023

      Actually, I think there are two houses there – one somewhat behind the other. Glad too that your find the lake and factory interesting.

  3. By: Bill Stone Posted: January 28, 2023

    I always think it might be fun to sneak into a big Amazon warehouse like the one in your photo, pretend I’m a worker filling an order, and just wander around loading up interesting items from the shelves, then sneak out and make a clean getaway with the goods. Please don’t tell Jeff Bezos.

    • By: NancyG Posted: January 29, 2023

      That could be a fun, lucrative thine to do, Would need a great big sack for fillling I suppose.

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