It never matters how many or how few the miles when I get to ride with these guys!

Here we are in Elk Grove, California and …… it rains! BUT, my Pacific Northwest gals did not flinch about riding to Walgreens for some needed items. Did not matter if it was only a 5 mile ride, I found it stupendous.

I watched bikes outside and allowed them to go in for their shopping errand.

Fact is, there was never a question of IF we were going to ride. Those Grandgirls were on their bikes before we were, and ready for their adventure. It is warmer here than at home, so the only weather was the rain (and I had my Rainlegs so all was fine). They have become very skilled, competent, good riders and it is such a pleasure to ride with them and to see how good they have become. The GrandBOY, having reached teenage (13) had no interest in joining us so stayed home for some tv football games.

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    • By: NancyG Posted: January 29, 2023

      Thanks for that report Bill. I will definitely find a couple of rides at least ;’-).

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