ERRANDS. Errands by bike will most always get me on the saddle ;’-). Today I wanted to get out early enough to miss the forecasted wind advisory and rain! I was on my bike at 8:45 to miss those weather things. Note, this is only the 4th ride I have been on this year!!

First errand was to drop off a couple of kids books, with Christmas music CDs attached, at a nearby Little Library. I knew I could at least get this short distance in before weather happened.

I know it is a rather mundane picture, but on my short ride it is what there was. I did not take a much more mundane photo of the drive up window at the bank — my second errand. I did at least get in a ride today which ended up giving me just a few more miles than I had expected.

Soon into the start of the ride I felt big raindrops and seeing dark clouds overhead, pulled over to put on my rain legs to stop the rain and that worked. It did not rain again for the remainder of my near hour long ride ;’-). I was once again reminded that time off the bike is not necessarily a bad thing. Not that I want as long off the bike as I have recently had, but I felt stronger on today’s ride and found myself not shifting down to make it up some of the inclines I encountered. OK, not real hills, but still — up! So there was that.

I will include this photo just because the first one is so bad! Having ridden a bit further than I thought I would be able to, I passed by this home that looks like it belongs at some old seaside port town.
Quite ’junked’ up with stuff that I am sure is important to the person who lives here. It is not in a neighborhood very near my neighborhood, and does add some ’color’ to the neighborhood it is in.

YAY for a ride today 😊 👍🚴‍♀️.

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  1. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: January 9, 2023

    Nancy rode her bicycle to the little library — exactly what Cycle365 is about!
    Some photos along the way would be interesting to see.
    Having just seen a video of Slab City, CA — the second photo looks pretty similar.

    • By: NancyG Posted: January 10, 2023

      Thanks Rich. That one other photo is the only thing available to me on my short, half-wet, rather unexpected ride ;’-). I tried, but today’s ride should be better ;’-).

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