As they say — what a difference a day makes! Yesterday it was sunny and temps climbed to 59 degrees from morning 47. Needless to say — I went for a nice bike ride, and am so happy that I did (as usual) as today will be filled with clouds, rain and temps back down in the 40s. I would not have wanted to miss yesterday’s time in the saddle.

There was nothing spectacular or much to take photos of, but the ride was glorious. I was on a bike trail for a shortish distance of maybe 2 miles. This trail is basically utilitarian as it takes you into the city of Everett, so the surroundings and the trail itself is nothing to envy. It at least gets you off the traffic streets for a bit.

We have a few things at home that I want to take to the dump and hopefully can recycle, so I stopped there to see if that would work. Got this tin/metal guy at the entrance

(A little of our things might be recyclable and the staff person gave me a list of what is and is not accepted.)

The transfer station (dump) which includes the recycling center is along the road that abuts the airport. It is a commercial airport that also has an area for private planes. It is difficult to impossible to get a good photo of these small planes parked in their spots, but at least you see I as there ;’-).

I continued on a little longer than I normally do as I so wanted to enjoy the delicious day. And I did.

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  1. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: January 15, 2023

    Thanks for the photos of your ride.
    Extend the ride! Gotta take advantage when conditions present themselves!
    Bike trail looks pretty good to me!

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