July Challenges In Three Punny Parts

I’ll Have My Dents Al Dente

Dented Overhead Garage Door

Dented metal shed

A band-aid fix for a small dent?

A Wrinkle, Once Upon a Tinkle, & Welcome to the Fold

Wrinkles on the surface of the lake

The waves rise, and then FOLD under themselves.

I was going to CRINKLE up this miraculous message from the lord and throw it into the waste basket. I decided not to, though, because I didn’t even want to touch it.

Lamps Unto Thy Fleet

4 response to "July Challenges In Three Punny Parts"

  1. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: July 21, 2022

    Helen won’t vent, those are all good dents.
    Around those lamps would be a poor place to camp.
    Waves that fold are impossible to hold.
    Even though you didn’t crinkle, you had the option to tinkle.

    Good work!

  2. By: NancyG Posted: July 22, 2022

    You are bent like nobody I know. Good one on the FOLDS of the waves. All are very good finds for the challenge post.

  3. By: Suzanne Posted: July 23, 2022

    Better to have your dents al dente than to have your dente* dented!

    *dente, Italian for tooth

  4. By: Lednar De Nalloh Posted: July 23, 2022

    Crinkling up the Lords message, tempting fate me thinks, was that carpet under the urinal?…honestly, very weird

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