July’s challenge: the Cockshutt 30

Rachael and I are on tour up in Canada this month, and between riding, eating and maintaining our tour journal I haven’t freed up much time for keeping up on Cycle365.  We’re in beautiful Jasper today, not enjoying its famous scenery because it’s overcast and raining.  On the upside, I have some free time to chip in a submission for the July challenge.

The Cockshutt 30. Sounds like a prison breakout gang or a squad of war heroes, doesn’t it? But no, it’s an iconic Canadian tractor – the first modern tractor designed and manufactured in Canada.  I was happy to be able to identify it.  The only useful marking I found was the number 30 and it’s surrounding logo.  It’s always surprising what you can sleuth out on an internet search.

Plans were underway for it before the Second World War put them on hold, so the first tractors were not produced until 1946.  The model was discontinued in 1957, so any you find lying around in the field are at least 60 years old.  I was born in 1946, so this guy could be about my age.

We found this on our ride to Mount Robson, where we also saw a rare wigwam burner still in use, as well of course a quite impressive mountain – the most prominent in the North American Rockies.  You could check them out here.  As a bonus, you can see the famous Cockshutt 30 postage stamp.

This is just a placeholder for now. I’ll add a real description when I get more time.

7 response to "July’s challenge: the Cockshutt 30"

  1. By: Bill Stone Posted: July 21, 2018

    Nice tractor! The Rules Committee is ordering magnifying glasses in order to more minutely examine the photo for evidence of a bicycle….

    • By: Scooter Posted: July 21, 2018

      You know, I thought about rolling my bike into the weeds to weasel into the shot, but it just seemed a bit sacreligeous. It seemed clear that I was in the presence of greatness. Nothing else was needed.

      • By: tempocyclist Posted: July 22, 2018

        Looks like a cracking Challenge entry to me! 🙂 I love a bit of abandoned, rusty machinery. And the mountains in the background look spectacular! Can you cycle up through those?

        • By: Scooter Posted: July 22, 2018

          People of strong character can do almost anything, I suppose. It’s a vast roadless area though, as is much of this part of the country. I don’t see evidence of even a track going into this particular range,

  2. By: gregblood Posted: July 21, 2018

    Now THAT is an excellent July Challenge entry (the lack of bike pic notwithstanding.) I’m glad you found some time to post it “between riding, eating and maintaining the Canadian tour journal.” When I’m touring, I find I don’t get enough eating in, much less visiting other websites. But then, I never created a website of my own.

    We miss you, but the rest of us are having fun with your and Rocky’s creation in your absence.

    • By: Scooter Posted: July 22, 2018

      Don’t worry, we have our priorities straight. We’re doing plenty of eating.

      Glad you and others are enjoying the website and keeping it alive, Greg. It’s odd the way it’s turned out though – we started it up before throwing our lives up in the air, when I assumed we’d be doing as much ad hot day riding as ever.

  3. By: Suzanne Posted: July 22, 2018

    Great subject for the challenge – but, ahem, where is the bicycle. I am kind of a stickler. Joking aside, it is amazing that you are keeping up with journals and eating and cycling and challenges!

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