June Challenge Round 3

Thanks to everyone for participating in Rounds 1 and 2

Never too late to join in on Rounds 3 and 4

Round 3

Crack in Concrete     Something to Recycle     A Sparkly Object     Animal

Basketball Goal     Weathered Brick Wall     A “Y” Shaped Object     Arch

Flattened Beverage Can     Something Purple     Fork Lift Truck or Bobcat     Kids Trike

Something You Consider a Treasure     Cloud That Resembles Something

Hand Painted Sign     Street Curb of Natural Stone     Satellite Dish

Something Bright and Colorful     Tree With a Burl     Sports Banner/Flag

(Include your bicycle when practical and possible)

Major Extra Points Awarded

If you can find:

A Public Phone Booth

Vegetable Garden

A 3 speed bicycle

That elusive 1983 Corvette

Rounds One and Two are still active

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