June Challenge — Scavenger Hunt 2.0

Scavenger Hunt Round 2

June marks the end of my tenure as your challenge host  — as I relinquish my crown, I thank one and all for participating!

So, a search and suggestion for the next Challenge Czar/Czarina would naturally be participants who have up till now have not had the opportunity to demonstrate their Challenge prowess.

As always anyone is welcome to present a Challenge at any time

Concluding Challenge is another Scavenger Hunt

Find as many of the listed items as you can

(Everyone can post their finds whether they were previously posted by someone else or not) 

Include your bicycle in the photo as practical to do so

Week One

  •       A colorful tree
  •       A fire hydrant
  •       Something with a hole in it
  •       Weeds growing up thru a crack in pavement
  •       A pile of crushed stone
  •       A school bus
  •       Something that fell down
  •       Something that is broken
  •       A flattened beverage can
  •       A coin laying in the street
  •       A bottle cap in the street
  •       Any kind of road swag
  •       A deteriorating fence
  •       A white dog
  •       A squirrel
  •       A window with muntins
  •       An arched doorway
  •       A gate
  •       A dented road sign
  •       Street signs at an intersection
  •       A Water Tower
  •       A deteriorated brick wall
  •       Vines climbing something
  •       A pile of leaves


Week 2

  •       A discarded tire
  •       A culvert
  •       A triangle of debris at an intersection
  •       A discarded bottle
  •       A piece of rope or twine along the road
  •       A rusted bolt
  •       A church
  •       A school
  •       A Post Office
  •       A playground
  •       An athletic field
  •       A stained glass window
  •       A utility pole
  •       Overhead wires
  •       A flat tire
  •       An auto with wire wheels (real or fake)
  •       A convenience store
  •       A hospital
  •       An Oldsmobile
  •       Broken glass in the street
  •       Any road debris we don’t want to run over
  •       A manhole cover
  •       A storage shed
  •       City Hall
  •       A pothole in the road


Week 3

  •       A flag pole
  •       A banner
  •     Take a photo of someone else’s bicycle
  •       Take a photo of your bicycle(s)
  •       A window air conditioner
  •       An empty lot
  •      Tracks of any kind
  •      A golf car or cart  (A golf cart is the one you pull along)
  •      Any kind of waterway or pool of water
  •      An MIA flag
  •      Your State flag
  •      An out of state license plate
  •      Something that spilled
  •      Sticks in the road we don’t want to flip into the spokes
  •      A fountain
  •      A park bench
  •      A picnic table
  •      A trash barrel
  •      An entrance sign
  •      An exit sign
  •      Something torn down
  •      Something that should be torn down
  •      Roadside litter
  •      Mail truck
  •      An ice vending machine


Week 4

  •      Any kind of air pump
  •      A favorite view along your bicycle ride
  •      A fire station
  •      Your cities population sign
  •      A decorative boulder
  •      A Time and Temperature sign
  •      A movie theatre
  •      An auto dealership
  •      An auto parts store
  •      A railroad locomotive
  •      A guy wire
  •     Something off-center
  •     A painted curb
  •     A stone wall
  •     A bike lane
  •     A bicycle parking rack
  •     A bridge
  •     A propane tank
  •     A Welcome sign
  •     A billboard
  •     A road repair
  •     A slate roof
  •     An antenna
  •     A satellite dish

As always, acknowledging the impeccable integrity of all 365’ers, roll-by photos are allowed, owing to the fact some of the items being photographed could be interpreted as an invasion of privacy

Do include your bicycle when feasible

Some of the items are repeats from previous challenges.

Thank you all once more as we look forward to more challenges from our new Challenge Czar/Czarias

2 response to "June Challenge — Scavenger Hunt 2.0"

  1. By: gregblood Posted: May 30, 2023

    Rich, thank you for your Cycle365 service. The monthly challenges were excellent under your leadership. It will be sad to see you retire, but I see you’re definitely going out with a flourish.

    • By: Rich-Illinois Posted: May 30, 2023

      Awwwww thanks Greg. You did a pretty bang up job yourself, not to mention previous Hosts who did as well.
      It has been a challenge in itself to think up something new and interesting, not that I always did.

      Looking forward to our new Host with what Im certain will be different perspectives.
      BTW — did you see no mention of reel lawnmowers?? Hee Hee

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