Lamps for Athletes

A few minutes ago I published a night-time post which showed how dedicated I am to this challenge. This morning I was up-and-at-it again. I hope these huge lamps above all kinds of sports venues will reinforce my dedication.

Football field lamps
Baseball field lamps

Tennis court lamps

Swimming pool lamps

Volleyball court (hockey rink in the winter) lamps

Basketball court lamps

I think I have taken pictures of every lamp and every reflective device in MY town. I can’t imagine I’ll be able to come up with anything else before June 15th. So I will rest on my laurels and hope it’s enough to win one of the top prizes.

2 response to "Lamps for Athletes"

  1. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: July 8, 2022

    A Laurel and Hearty congratulations on an excellent sports lamps exhibition in YOUR town.

    Except for the football field, our athletes, competing at night, are forced to wear carbide lamps on their helmets. 😉 (No, it doesn’t work well for the swim team)

  2. By: NancyG Posted: July 8, 2022

    Very interesting to note the different lighting for different sports fields. Good job!

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