Lamps Reflectors Wrinkles Folds and Bends

Following a golf car (cart) down Wilson Avenue

Lady driver fosters dogs and cats and gives the dogs rides

Blue lamps supporting law enforcement

Handcrafted reflector shining in the waning sunlight

Wrinkled? Wadded up? Cycling Gloves

The denim patches add a certain amount of class dontcha think?

Wrinkles or Folds in plastic protecting bags of mortar

Wrinkled/Crinkled Busch Light Can

Wrinkled Baby Maple Leaf

Leaves of Corn Bending Over

Chain Bending Its Way Thru Derailer and Freewheel

Bends in a Football Blocking Dummy

Unusual to See

Trimmed Off Ends of Paint Rollers Strewn Along the Road

Someone’s Parents Had a Sense of Humor — Sort Of  . . .


2 response to "Lamps Reflectors Wrinkles Folds and Bends"

  1. By: NancyG Posted: July 20, 2022

    Maybe you need to put new bike gloves on your birthday wish list. 😉
    The golf cart woman driving around froster dogs is a treat 🤗.

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