Last Ride of 2022

With temperatures in the 40s (F), it doesn’t exactly feel like a usual New Year’s Eve here in Vermont. In the photo above, it doesn’t look like a typical idyllic Vermont mid-winter scene; more like our usual muddy March. Still nice to get out for a ride on the last day of the year though. And looking at this photo, I realize it looks amazingly similar to one I posted a few days ago, even though it’s an entirely different road on the other side of town. Perhaps that gives you an idea of what many of our roads look like!

Both DJG and Greg posted some excellent waterfall photos a few days ago, so here’s just a little one that’s on my regular route.

I hope everyone is having an excellent last day of 2022. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Retired guy who likes to ride his bike in Vermont.

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  1. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: December 31, 2022

    Nice waterfall, and great for a last of the year ride.
    40’s here right now, about to head out for a ride.

    We had a 100 degree temperature change from -40F Real Feel to actual 60F over the last week or so. (That came with 40-50mph winds) 🙁

    Have a great ’23!!

    • By: BobinVT Posted: January 1, 2023

      Yes, we’ve had some crazy temperature swings as well, including one day with a 30 degree drop in less than two hours. And this morning feels more like May 1st than January 1st.

  2. By: NancyG Posted: December 31, 2022

    I don’t think that is such a ‘little’ waterfall. It is beautiful too.

    I am so happy to see that the last day of this year has brought riding weather for all (I think) of us. Happy New Year!

    • By: BobinVT Posted: January 1, 2023

      Thanks Nancy. Yes, it’s nice we’re all getting that last ride in.

  3. By: Lednar De Nalloh Posted: December 31, 2022

    No problems with mushy snow here. Have a great 2023

    • By: BobinVT Posted: January 1, 2023

      And a happy 2023 to you! I always enjoy your ‘no snow’ posts (and videos too!).

  4. By: Suzanne Posted: January 1, 2023

    Kind of messy roads (and bike afterwards I think), nice waterfall!

    • By: BobinVT Posted: January 1, 2023

      Yes, the bike, and me, we’re kind of a mess!

  5. By: gregblood Posted: January 1, 2023

    Vermont sure is beautiful, and I base that statement solely on your pictures.

    • By: BobinVT Posted: January 2, 2023

      Thanks! Of course, Minnesota is not too shabby either!

  6. By: Bill Stone Posted: January 1, 2023

    Nice waterfall. Now I’m trying to figure out where I can find a local waterfall accessible via Ogre….

    • By: BobinVT Posted: January 2, 2023

      Thanks. I’m actually kind of surprised by all the reaction to the waterfall. Just shows how easy it is to take the familiar for granted. I ride past that waterfall most days of the week and barely give it a glance.

  7. By: DJG Posted: January 1, 2023

    Happy New Year.
    I’m embarrassed to have my waterfall compared to your own.

    • By: BobinVT Posted: January 2, 2023

      Happy New Year to you, and I actually thought your waterfall was pretty impressive.

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