Nothing Special

Just a ride around 3/4 of the town’s perimeter and no where not visited many times in the past

Finally, this “lovely”  weather has begun to cooperate so a quiet Sunday Morning ride was very welcome

A little breezy but after this rotten spring very tolerable — headwind out and a nice tailwind back

Just a random assemblage of photos of stuff along the way . . . . .


LeTour ready to go!

Little section of fence along 1550E


Twine that has been there for months

So thats what that big red wagon ahead of me was!

Thank You Clydesdales and Dalmations!!

(of course they were full and cold;)  )

Purdy Violets

Still some field ponds around

Last I heard, Illinois had 5% of the corn planted compared to 50% by now



Normally there are a few Cardinals and Blue Jays around

Even the Turkey Vultures have gone missing, there has been as many as 30 or more flying around here

1700E View North

North Fork of the Vermilion at 1700E

LeTour 1700E

Extra tools added cause then you won’t need them — right?  😉

That’s Rick from Wisconsin preparing to ride the Trans Am

He does write  great journals

Along the North Fork

Conservation Club pond in an abandoned gravel pit

Free Cycling a bicycle?  Maybe . . .

Triple Deck Birdhouse

Pontiac FireBird

Yes, I am that desperate finding birds & etc

Not long after posting this . . . .

This guy shows up on the driveway

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  1. By: Bill Stone Posted: May 8, 2022

    Folks in Blue Mound township definitely grumbling about inability to get corn in the ground.

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