October Challenge Part 1 Fasteners

 This month will again be divided into 2 or 3 challenge topics

Beginning with . . . . . .


There are many ways to fasten things together going all the way back to the Bronze Age when people learned the art of metal working

The next problem for them was — how to attach one piece to another

Over the centuries methods of fastening things together has seen a plethora of devices to do just that

Read below to learn (as I did) what constitutes a fastener

HERE is more than we ever wanted to know  🙂

While crimping, welding, gluing, nailing, etc. all fasten things together . . . .

We are looking for hardware fasteners

(These are mechanical fasteners that allow disassembly with no damage to the joined parts)

Rivets are an exception and are considered mechanical

Many, if not most, employ the simple machine of an inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder  IE:  a Screw with the inclined plane on the outside and a Nut with it on the inside.

A quick look at your bicycle will reveal a great many and several varieties of fasteners

Photograph items showing mechanical (hardware) attachment and include your bicycle when practical to do so

Raleigh head badge riveted to the head tube

Guard rail bolted to the bridge

Roadside view of the bolt heads

(and lots of items mechanically attached to the Raleigh)






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