Putting the D in Feb uary

That’s not a typo, I meant D. I was looking for words with D for another challenge and I guess I’m not good at multi-tasking because I completely forgot about poor B. That other challenge, by the way, is a photo challenge on Flickr. The group is called February Alphabet Fun and you do a letter a day, so January 4th I was fixated on D.

It was again around 3C/37F and all of a sudden all the paths were free of snow and the trails through the woods weren’t too wet. That’s more like it!

D as in Double
D as in Decay
D as in Deer stand and Dark clouds
Another Deer stand, there are so many

While I’m at it, here are some B’s from today’s ride. It was around 2C/36F, no wind and I convinced Janos that the paths would be fine today. The weather report said rain and snow but the clouds didn’t look like rain clouds and how could it snow if it was above freezing. We were out for about 20 minutes when little tiny snowflakes appeared. They were so pretty as they gently floated to the ground. Oh boy, Bnow Blakes for the challenge! Well, I really did find some B’s. I didn’t stop for them all as it started to snow more heavily. Besides, I have to leave some B’s for the next time around.

Broken tree trunk -But see how nice the trails are looking!
I often see Branches stacked teepee fashion, sometimes around a tree and sometimes standing alone. I don’t know who does it or why.
A Brand new Bench, the old one had rotted away.
Brown Beech leaves
Best Buddy with his Bike – and snow flakes
Bridge over the railroad tracks
Brush or Broom – saw this on the golf course.
Branches, Bike and Blurry snow flakes

I'm a US born ex-pat, having lived most of my adult life in Munich, Germany. Cycling and photography are my favorite things.

2 response to "Putting the D in Feb uary"

  1. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: February 5, 2023

    Oh, I can put the “D” in February — D cold. D windy, D cloudy, and D miserable weather.

    Decaying logs is a great photo!

    Interesting deer stands with the Akro (aka flying buttresses) props.

  2. By: NancyG Posted: February 7, 2023

    Tricky double there! Nice Browns everywhere.

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