Rain and Sun

The picture on top is from today at the Botanical Gardens.

But first yesterday. Yesterday was grey with threatening clouds. We decided to ride anyway, in the morning, hoping the rain would wait until noon. We almost made it, but about two kilometers from home the clouds opened up. Janos, the optimist, hadn’t put on his rain jacket, hoping for the best. When the first drops fell it was too late for him to get his jacket on in time to stay dry. I wouldn’t say I’m a pessimist, maybe just sensible, but I did put my rain jacket on and my rain legs just in case and wasn’t quite as soaked in the end.

We rode to Starnberg, a standard run for a view to the lake and maybe a cup of coffee if the sun is shining. I was expecting to find the sea gulls lined up on the dock railing, but they weren’t there. Not many ducks, either. But I did get a picture of the sculpture of geese standing on the shore.

Geese in flight

Today was a different story. The sun is shining, no wind, temperatures in the low 70’s. I have been wanting to go to the Botanical Gardens for a while now. When we still lived in Munich we went often, but since we moved to Gauting I don’t think we’ve been back. Today would be the last chance before we leave for Burgundy next week, so off we went.

Unfortunately, the tulips which are usually gorgeous at this time of year were looking rather bedraggled, having been battered by the recent heavy rain. The rhododendron was looking pretty tatty, too. A week earlier would have been better. It was an enjoyable ride and visit anyway.

Pretty tame wild goose, busy feeding

Here I found some more bird art, a parrot from the Nymphenburg Porcelain Manufactory . “The Nymphenburg Porcelain Manufactory (German: Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg), has produced porcelain of high quality since it was established in 1747. It is one of the last porcelain producers in the world where every single part is made entirely by hand.” Wikipedia

And it costs a fortune I might add.

Nymphenburg Porcelain in the Botanical Garden

Then I found some other nice creatures to take pictures of that weren’t birds before we left.

Nymphenburg Palace is located next to the Botanical Gardens. We rode by for a quick look and a bicycle picture before we made our way home.

I'm a US born ex-pat, having lived most of my adult life in Munich, Germany. Cycling and photography are my favorite things.

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  1. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: May 14, 2022

    Botanical Gardens is quite the place! Very amazing actually.
    The terrapin is a cool photo, colorful carapace.

    Poor Janos . . . . but now I dont feel quite so bad about chiding CEO about Arby’s. 🙂

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