Riding in the Nabe @1/15

I looked for and couldn’t find Suzanne’s original Cycle Days Challenge, but when I saw Nancy’s post referring to it, I decided to shoot for Nancy’s 15 rides between Sept 15th and the end of the year. I will feel successful if I only do half.

I’d planned two different rides for today, but due to not sleeping well, I nixed them both. One was too far for how I felt and the other required loading the bike on the car and driving it somewhere.

I’ve been thinking about Emily’s article on people riding every street in their district when they weren’t allowed beyond because of Covid. I certainly can’t ride every street even in my zip code, but I thought maybe I could ride every street in a subdivision. Today, I chose to ride every street in the subdivision that connects to mine.

I left from home and crossed a side road to Glenmary East, where I’ve never ridden before. I found streets and dead ends I didn’t know existed, but more interesting was a street that has been there since I was a child that now connects from the backside. It was rerouted because a large shopping area (like we need another!!!) is going up where it had connected to the main road.

That is going to be a Panera’s. I don’t know if that is an international brand like KFC or not. They sell some great soup, tasty sandwiches and healthy salads. If you look closely at the sign by the main road that has some green on it, you will see an arch on top. I was not riding on a rock road. There was pavement just beyond the frame.
I am a retired teacher. The Kentucky Retired Teachers Association building used to be on the main road. I knew it had been torn down, but had no idea a new building had been built back behind where the shopping area will be.

Glenmary East is a lot smaller than my subdivision, so was amazed that after riding every street and dead end in it, I’d done 8.2 miles during my hour-long ride. Not being too peppy, I kept it in an easy gear and even though there were some inclines and small hills (compared to my subdivision which has some steep ones), came back feeling more rested than when I left home.

Thank you, Nancy, for motivating me to ride. Sorry the smoke in your area kept you indoors….I know you’ll be riding as soon as you can break free without damaging your health. I’m still calling this a Ride with Nancy.

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  1. By: Suzanne Posted: September 20, 2020

    So good to see you getting out, Laura! Violette is certainly photogenic!

    • By: Laura Posted: September 20, 2020

      The seat cover Nancy sent me does make her stand out a bit. She hasn’t seen a mechanic since my fellow moved back to Pittsburgh, so amazing she’s running as well as she is.

  2. By: NancyG Posted: September 20, 2020

    It is so nice to discover areas in your own connected neighborhoods that you have not been to — or known about like your Retired Teachers Building. I am so happy that you are riding more and discovering that you needn’t ride far to enjoy a day in the saddle ;’-).

    We do have Panera’s near us as well. I don’t get there often because it is not very close to home, and now I don’t go into restaurants (indoor or outdoor) during Covid. But I do like their food choices. I wonder how that development will go during this low business time of pandemic.

    Nice ride, nice photos.

    • By: Laura Posted: September 20, 2020

      I’ve noticed that there’s been a halt to anything else being done on the building site. (You get a much better view of it from the main road.) I’ve wondered if they are going to delay opening it until this stuff is in better control. If the caretaker’s mother is doing OK, I hope to get out Thursday or Saturday. Tuesday the kittens are going to be picked up and I don’t know what time, so won’t plan anything for that day. I’ll let you know.

  3. By: gregblood Posted: September 20, 2020

    Nice ride, but you’ve got to keep up on the hip, new lingo. It’s not the “nabe” it’s the “hood.”

    • By: Laura Posted: September 20, 2020

      I’m always behind times. ha!

  4. By: The Navigator Posted: September 21, 2020

    It is always fun to discover new things and places, especially ones close to home you didn’t know about. I have been to a Panera a few times in the US and liked the food there, so that will be a good addition. I think all those people in Melbourne that were riding every road would be getting really tired of it by now – Melbourne residents are still locked down and can still go no further than 5kms from home. They’ve been doing it really tough down there (but with good results – they are getting case numbers back toward zero).

    • By: Laura Posted: September 23, 2020

      We’re not on lock down, but we should be. Crossed the 200,000 dead today. And the ignorant leader still says it’s a hoax. Very sad. I’ve lived here since Dec 2016 and finding there are many places I didn’t know existed. With the motivation of this site, I’ve ventured farther on the bike than any year so far. It helps that we now have a caretaker for Jim a few days a week, so able to ride more than when one of our kids came over for the afternoon. I thought your article was very interesting and plan to ride all the streets in my own subdivision before it gets really cold. (My joints do not work well when it’s cold!) I’ve never gone down any of the steep hills because I doubt I can ride up, but will do them when I attempt this. My philosophy is walking my bike is exercise, too.

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