Snow Road, part 2

After passing the idle snow removal equipment parked on the side of Lassen Peak Highway approximately five miles beyond the locked gate, I figured the end must be nigh. However, even when I reached the untouched wall of snow blocking the road, I didn’t let that stop me.

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  1. By: gregblood Posted: April 19, 2021

    I guess I spoke too soon when I commented on your Snow Road Part 1. Just after bragging about how my state was snow-free, there were snowflakes falling while I walked my dog. If it continues, God forbid, we’re going to look as frigid and snowy as California. How do 40 million of you people handle it? If I lived there, I’d consider moving to a milder climate–like Minnesota or The Yukon.

    • By: Bill Stone Posted: April 20, 2021

      Forecast predicts this weekend Lassen will receive 10 inches of snow. How many shivering Californians can you accommodate at your house?

  2. By: gregblood Posted: April 19, 2021

    By the way, that first “end of the road” picture is fantastic.

  3. By: BobinVT Posted: April 19, 2021

    I love those ‘end of the road’ shots. They remind me a little of when I was growing up in upstate NY, we would occasionally get a really big snowstorm with lots of drifting. I can remember a couple times when the snowplows hit a snowdrift that was too big to handle, and they would just give up and back out. It would look just like that, with the road ending in a wall of white until they came back with front end loaders and dump trucks to clear the drift.

  4. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: April 19, 2021

    Excellent photos and a beautiful ride.
    Guess who else is getting snow tomorrow and tomorrow night?
    Rumor has it the railroad is calling in the rotary plows from Donner Pass to handle it. 😉

    • By: Bill Stone Posted: April 20, 2021

      Send that equipment back to Californias as soon as possible, because more snow in the forecast at Donner this weekend.

  5. By: Suzanne Posted: April 20, 2021

    Great pictures again! I had a look at your journal from 2016 on that other site, too, and noticed how much better the presentation of photos is on your site.

    • By: Bill Stone Posted: April 20, 2021

      Thanks, Suzanne. While I won’t ever reach your level of excellence, I’ve put a little more effort into my photography over the last few years.

      • By: Suzanne Posted: April 20, 2021

        Thanks, Bill. I didn’t mean your pictures weren’t as good then but that the crazy site didn’t do pictures justice – too small and low resolution I think. On your website the pics are much more impressive.

        • By: Bill Stone Posted: April 21, 2021

          Thanks! Unlike public websites with multiple people posting multiple journals, my little corner of the Web doesn’t need to accommodate a wide array of user preferences, quirks, and crazy notions. Just my own preferences, quirks, and crazy notions. 😉

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