Today was a PERFECT day for a ride — or anything else outdoors actually. You will see the sun and beautiful blue sky in the photos I post. Forty degrees, sun ALL day and no wind made for such an enjoyable time on my bike.

I can see that I will never keep up with Suzanne or Greg for Qs! The only Q today…

Quonset building (there is another one I could get but may not have the opportunity to ride to it this month).

Chimneys. Now that I have my eyes trained to look for them I find it very interesting that some must be in the middle of the house as there is no structure on the outside. There are those who have a fire place somewhere in the middle of their house so I guess that explains that. When I do see some, I really appreciate them.

Here are a variety of them…

I post this next one not so much for the chimney but for the roof. I could not get a better angle to show the rounded eaves so I hope you can get the idea.

I might get another riding day on Tuesday, but the remainder of the weeks and days after that threaten with freezing temps and snow! The weather people are not always right (surprise!) so I will see what each day will bring.

9 response to "SOME CHIMNEYS AND A Q"

  1. By: Suzanne Posted: December 20, 2021

    What a variety of chimneys! A good start and I expect you are going to find many more. I think fireplaces are more an English/American thing. I don’t think I’ll find such interesting chimneys, just those that are used for the central heating. But we’ll see. Once you start looking, you see much more.

  2. By: NancyG Posted: December 20, 2021

    Once I started looking I was surprised there were lots of different chimneys. Now — I cannot stop looking for them!! I will say that the newer houses and building have them disguised with the same siding has the house and no shape. I will find one to post to show what I mean. The older ones are the interesting ones.

  3. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: December 20, 2021

    The quonset buildings have always fascinated me — still several around here on farms.

    Chimneys are interesting too, you found some nice ones. Looking forward to the January Challenge and seeing many more.

    • By: NancyG Posted: December 20, 2021

      Thanks Rich — it is basically your idea about the chimneys. At least you planted the seed in my mind and I would love to see some from other parts of the world ;’-).

  4. By: Suzanne Posted: December 20, 2021

    And I learned something from your post. I didn’t know what a Quonset building is. Googled it, very interesting history. I wonder if there are any Quonset style buildings around here.

    • By: NancyG Posted: December 20, 2021

      I love this site for the learning we all do here ;’-). I would think there should be some Quonset buildings where you are, but maybe they are/were just an American thing. Do your searching ;’-).

    • By: Scooter Posted: December 20, 2021

      I’m glad you mentioned this, because it led me to looking this up myself. I’ve always thought it had Native American origins, and was startled to see it’s because they were first manufactured at Quonset Point, Rhode Island,

      The name itself does have Native American origins though – Quonset is from the Algonquin word for a small, long place.

  5. By: gregblood Posted: December 20, 2021

    Great chimneys, but save a few for January which is the official chimney month.

    I know what a Quonset hut is, but only because my brother lived in one while going to school at Iowa State University.

    • By: NancyG Posted: December 20, 2021

      Well, I did mention that I am confused 🤨. I did not understand that Chimneys are for January challenge. I thought it was something more added to this current month of December. Sigh. I will continue my search for more if there are any.

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