In addition to leaves changing color and chilly air, we know there are other signs of fall. Here is the first and only one of this kind I have seen for this season.

This neither makes me happy nor sad, it is just there. But it is indeed early on the 20th day of September.

Sleeping in, leisurely reading the Sunday paper, attending church services, preparing for or watching a televised football game. These are all good for a light traffic bike ride day ;’-). I love biking on Sundays.

Though we have had a few days of rain and every day of clouds this weekend, I have gotten out early enough for a ride to avoid getting wet. Today was one of those days so I took my Shawna route by way of Lake Serene. Any body of water seems to bring me happiness of sorts. You will note the cloudy sky that has been hiding our beautiful blue ;’-0. “They” tell us blue sky will be back early this coming week.

Moving on through the neighborhood I stopped for the birdhouse photo which is located right next to the little path that appears to be through someone’s property.

I have posted a photo of this trail here in the past, but today it looked so beautiful and inviting (though on private property where I dare not go), I had to take another photo.

Beautiful day in the clouds.


  1. By: Suzanne Posted: September 20, 2021

    Early Sunday is indeed a peaceful time for a ride. Yes, too early for Halloween, I think so, too. But our supermarket had Xmas cookies out at the beginning of the month!!!

  2. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: September 20, 2021

    <Agrees with you and Suzanne . . . We were at a Gardening place in August that also sells all kinds of decorating items and they were beginning to fill shelves with Christmas stuff.

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