The gloves, the hands and the wrist

First of all I want to thank everyone for the interest and positive reaction to my post about the heated gloves. I was thinking this was perhaps just another “wimpy Suzanne has just bought another gadget” thing. But I’m glad I overcame my self-doubts and took a constructive approach. There were some questions that I’ll answer here instead of answering each comment separately.

Before I do that, though, I’ll tell you why I’m not using those lovely gloves for a while. Yesterday I had a heart catheterization, it was scheduled (no emergency), deemed necessary by my cardiologist to see if there was any blockage around the heart and if a stent might be necessary. Good news – no stent necessary, everything looks good. The catheter was inserted at my wrist and I have to take care that the wound heals well before I put pressure on my hand or bend my wrist. So I won’t be gripping those handle-bars for a couple of days.

My thoughts on your questions and comments:

Bill: I think I will buy a pair of these for my ace support crew and her freezing hands for walking and hiking. Good idea, Bill. For walking I have always used a small rechargeable hand warmer that I keep in my pocket and switch from right to left and it probably heats longer than the gloves. But maybe serious hikers don’t put their hands in their pockets. For hiking I would go for a thinner version of what I have, though.

DJG: Do you know how long the battery charge lasts? I haven’t used them yet for more than 80 minutes and at the highest temperature (there are three settings) before recharging them and they were still good. There are a lot of comments on Amazon where they are being sold, and the experience with how long they last seems to differ tremendously, some very negative and some enthusiastic. It also depends on how cold it is and how well insulated the gloves are I guess.

Greg: I’m interested in those gloves. You mentioned how you had to remove the gloves to take the lens cap off your camera, but I’m wondering how they work for the touch screens on one’s camera–especially the camera on one’s phone. Easily the hardest thing for me is to take my warm mittens off to take a few pictures. It doesn’t take very long before my fingers get bitterly cold. My gloves are kind of thick. The touchscreen finger works but it is clumsy. A thinner version might be interesting. Otherwise I use knit gloves with two or three touchscreen finger tips and they work perfectly with a smart phone. Just not warm enough for me.

Rich: I’d guess the lining may become a bit more comfortable with use? That’s what I’m hoping. I’ve never liked fluffy linings in gloves or boots because they seem to restrict the flow of blood to some degree. Larger gloves wouldn’t work either, I decided, because the fingers would be too long and there would be even more fumbling with keys and zippers.

Nancy: I said they are garish, but I do like bright colors and red is my favorite color, too! I just thought the design in the picture was a bit over the top. Just wanted you to know that I like your red pogies!

Wishing everybody fun Christmas season rides with warm hands!

I'm a US born ex-pat, having lived most of my adult life in Munich, Germany. Cycling and photography are my favorite things.

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  1. By: NancyG Posted: December 8, 2022

    Suzanne, I totally understood your remark about “garish” as related to the gloves.

    Last year both Susan and I bought very pricey electric rechargeable. heated gloves. By very pricey I mean a few hundred dollars (what I do for cycling). The gloves are nice in that they are thin and you can use your phone and camera without removing them. They have only slightly lived up to my expectations in that they DO keep my fingers from freezing (which they have done to the point of just about not being able to use them!!), but they do not keep my fingers very warm.

    I use these gloves with success when it is not as cold but still cold enough to have uncomfortably cold fingers, and have used them in colder temps with little other choice. So — that is why I got the pogies — which I have yet to be able to try out!!! Today might just be the day for my first bike ride in 10 (TEN) days and I will let you know my thoughts. Of course a ride today all depends….

    Also — you are no wimp to want to be warmer and more comfortable riding in the winter months. The wimps may be sitting it out on the couch for the winter! Those riding indoor bikes are no wimps either — and have more motivation for that than I do.

    Plus — I am relieved that you do NOT need a stent for your heart issue. Do take it easy on your tender wrist and come back strong — your normal strong self. ;’-).

  2. By: DJG Posted: December 8, 2022

    Suzanne, first off, so good to hear about the results of your heart catheterization.
    Thanks for responding about the gloves, as there appears to be differing reviews I would like to wait for more balanced thoughts from yourself, maybe sometime in the New Year if you wouldn’t mind obliging.
    Look forward to your next posting once you have healed.

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