The Greater Portland hill Quest

We’re back home again, waiting out a couple of months until it’s time to head east on our next tour. Two months is too long to shut down completely, so I invented a quest to ride many of the hills around town and take videos of the descents as an excuse to keep the blog going. I’ve posted five of them now, but the ride up Powell Butte is the first one with any sounds I thought worth sharing. Who came up with this month’s terrible challenge theme, anyway?  Too tough!

This is just a placeholder for now. I’ll add a real description when I get more time.

3 response to "The Greater Portland hill Quest"

  1. By: Laura Posted: April 14, 2021

    The queasy feeling moving pictures like this cause, reminds me of Cinerama shows when they first came out…only us oldies may remember them. You certainly are wasting no time coming down. I don’t even get on the bike quickly now. 🙂

    • By: Scooter Posted: April 14, 2021

      Partly it looks fast because of the perspective of the narrow pathway. Also though, it’s sped up by about 25% so that it can cover more of the ride and we can hear more of the song (I especially like this quest because I get to pick the music!). I’ve pointed that out in previous sped-up videos and maybe I should routinely, but everyone knows I’m no speed demon. I’ve aged out of that.

  2. By: BobinVT Posted: April 16, 2021

    The combination of looking at the video and hearing the wind, you can almost feel the wind buffeting you as you watch.

    And yes, this is a tough challenge!

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