The reason I like Rich’s idea of this challenge is that there are things I pass by on my bike and notice. But they are mainly off the grid in a way and seem ’non photo worthy”. I would have no place to post them and they simply are there. So I like this and might suggest we keep it ongoing for every year. There may not be many things in our paths, but will likely be some that pop up.

This first photo is of this weird looking creepy ’tree’ that I have passed oh so many times and that has been there for years. It is definitely an example of something I would not think of posting anywhere else.

This next photo is not creepy, nor actually all that different, but I saw it and thought ’if nothing else let me post this on 365’.

A closer look — as I want you to get the whole effect…

Will of course be looking for more to entertain you with ;’-).


  1. By: NancyG Posted: July 10, 2022

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