The Street Lamps of MY Town

Streetlamps are the kind of thing you don’t notice until there is a Cycle365 Challenge dedicated to lamps of all kinds. (Or else, when your shoulder gets ripped open by a bolt sticking out of it. But that’s a story from the past. I prefer to dwell in the present.) Today I noticed that MY Town has several different styles of streetlamps. That’s what I’m going to show today.

This is the kind of streetlamp we have on the west side of town. I like this picture because it also features a reflective sign (probably made from 3M materials) which is the other part of this month’s challenge.

Here is another style, also on the west side.

This style is more toward the center of town, in a retail district.

In the older residential areas, the streetlamps are attached to telephone poles.

Approaching the downtown area, you get this style.

Once you get to the actual downtown, you’ll see the same style, but there are double lamps on the corners and then single lamps every ten yards or so. Here are ten of them in one block.

I better be careful. If I post too many photos for this Challenge, I might end up with the First Prize of one week in Hoopeston. What I REALLY want is the Second Prize of two weeks in Hoopeston.

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  1. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: July 3, 2022

    A most excellent collection!!
    The downtown lamps are the classic style that really add ambience to a downtown area.
    Remember when the sodium vapor lights were in vogue and they put out that iccky yellow light.

    We do have luxurious accommodations for the lucky winner — photo coming soon!

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