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  1. By: The Navigator Posted: March 24, 2018

    Great to see you back over 100 kms and basking in sun. We are currently getting some much needed showers with the weekend cold front that I am sure will wallop you hard. It is about a week too early – the vineyards are still harvesting and wanted one more dry week! Very interesting about the climate change moves for the grapes to Tassie, but not surprising, I guess. I have never known the Eternity story… thanks for sharing. I can’t say I’ve ever seen it, but maybe I’ve not really been looking. Hope next week is a good week for kms before the cooler weather really moves in. Em

    • By: Tony Cullimore Posted: March 24, 2018

      Thanks Em. I was under the impression that Mr Eternity was still alive when we were in Sydney ‘cos the word just kept appearing – but it must have been his Acolytes.

      We had plenty of rain yesterday and have risen this morning to a continuing downpour. No wind though so we can use the covered areas around the house for once. Usually the wind blows the water in preventing much outdoor activity. Bike maintenance day it is then.

      Talking of rain, yesterday I spent some time on the BOM website looking up historical rainfall figures for July and August for various stopping places planned for our winter trip. Looks like I will be very lucky to hit a day when I can cycle the Lilydale / Warburton rail trail in July without getting wet. On the other hand it will be dry at White Cliffs!! TC

      • By: The Navigator Posted: March 25, 2018

        Ooh, yes, Warburton can be pretty wet! But I guess that is why there are such big and beautiful trees. I stayed in Lilydale last May with my cycling friend Don (his daughter lived there at the time). We were there a whole week, with hopes of riding rail trail sections. But it was cold and rainy all but one day! My friend Don lived at Warburton for quite some time – he’s 7th Day Adventist and that is a stronghold for them. Don started up the alcohol rehab centre at the hospital there which was very successful back in the day. Hope you hit on good weather. Look up the “Aqueduct Trail” there, too. It’s a track but it is fairly flat and supposedly quite beautiful. Can’t wait to hear what vegetarian delights you had this weekend – glad the rain is staying vertical. Em

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