Trunk Bag

Never previously photographed! So I photographed the contents of my trunk bag.

Inventory: Emergency rain jacket (extremely light weight). Camera (nestled on jacket). Spare tube. Baggie of trail mix. Gorillapod mini tripod. Two allen wrenches (for emergency adjustment of brakes). Kleenex. Bicycle “business cards.” Need to add sunscreen. Hey! What happened to the US$1,000,000 in cash I always keep in there?!?

They call me Old Grumble-Face. I have no idea why they do that....

5 response to "Trunk Bag"

  1. By: gregblood Posted: May 3, 2021

    Perhaps I can shed some light on the whereabouts of G-2 in a post I’ll publish in a few minutes. It’ll be very much related to the contents of bicycle bags.

  2. By: Suzanne Posted: May 4, 2021

    I think I’ll have to copycat the trunk bag photo idea. It will be very useful to have a list so I don’t always forget something.

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