Two River Ride

It was -1C when I set out at 9:15, initially to deliver a few Christmas cards in Abingdon.

White grass on the far bank of the Thames.

Whilst sorting out the remaining cards to deliver the Black Headed Gulls (winter plumage) and feral pigeons thought I may have a little something for them, sadly I didn’t.

Completing my deliveries it was onto Newbridge a crossing of the Thames further upstream.

It was a shame this was the nearest I could get to the side of the bridge from the car park pf the pub/hotel. Newbridge is dominated by its two pubs the one here and the Maybush on the opposite bank. I will have to revisit here again sometime in the future and try and get a shot of the river and bridge.

This is the River Windrush on the outskirts of Standlake, this is the upstream view.

This is the downstream view, the Windrush rises in the neighbouring county of Gloucestershire and flows into the Thames a little upstream of Newbridge. The Windrush valley is a very picturesque one and next spring I intend to follow the river from where it enters Oxon to its confluence with the Thames.

Continuing todays journey I pass through the small hamlet of Grafton.

These four don’t look too happy about things, though it was above freezing by this time.

This is Tadpole Bridge, the only photo I was able to take, as I didn’t want to access the pub garden to my right. Most of the bridges spanning the Upper Thames have traffic control measures in place due to their narrow construction they weren’t designed for lorries or coaches. As with Newbridge this is another place to revisit.

From here it was a ride through mostly pleasant lanes back home where I arrived around 15:30 as the sun was beginning to set. By this time the temperature had dropped again to 2C from a days high of 4C.

It was a long day though one of the more enjoyable rides I’ve done for a while.

4 response to "Two River Ride"

  1. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: December 8, 2022

    Interesting bridges and water ways. The stone work is impressive.
    Interesting too, is how all the birds are facing the same direction except for the one.
    Lots of chimneys in the background of the photo!
    A shot at one of the pubs sounds ;like a great idea — oh, that’s not what you meant, 🙂

  2. By: DJG Posted: December 8, 2022

    When I visit them again I’ll check out their construction dates.
    As soon as I turned up by the handrails the gulls were circling around in front of me.
    The chimneys belong to the Maybush pub on the other bank.

  3. By: Suzanne Posted: December 9, 2022

    You left at 9:15 and weren’t back until 15:30 – that’s a long ride in the cold!

    • By: DJG Posted: December 9, 2022

      Yes, I was feeling the cold during the last hour or so a bit.

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