Upon Reflection . . . .

Cool shaped reflector that fell off a vehicle on 1500E

Note little reflector on the Schwinn — many years ago those were used to attach license plates

Huffy sports a fender mounted reflector

Pedal Reflector

Being a reflector can be a rough life

Reflective signs

Caution: Culvert

Reflector and Reflective Logo on Seat Bag

Caution: Guard Rail

Reflective Yield Sign at Railroad

Reflective strips on RR Crossing crossbucks post

Guardrail Caution

And Dave’s genuine Nottingham built Raleigh  🙂

3 response to "Upon Reflection . . . ."

  1. By: NancyG Posted: July 8, 2022

    Reflector attached to rear fender is kind of a blast from the past I think. Great idea and I never see those now. At least not around here. I like the photo of the reflector’s rough life ;’-).

  2. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: July 8, 2022

    “Blast from the Past”
    Made me recall going to the Western Auto store and looking at all the bicycle reflectors back in the day . . . .
    A search of Bicycle Reflectors produced a zillion varieties in the Images section.

    Interesting article regarding reflectors: https://bikexprt.com/bicycle/reflectors/index.htm

  3. By: gregblood Posted: July 8, 2022

    Upon reflection, there are a lot of retro-cool reflectors in this post.

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