Vanishing Lines

Short trip out this morning to get an early qualifying photo.

Rail crossings like this are quite rare in our county, though here in the village of Steventon a mile or so away from our bungalow there two such crossings.
I just managed to get the camera set as this westerly headed train passed.
Looking in the direction the above train was travelling, this line gets you to Wales and the South Western counties of the UK.
It seems quite odd to be able to cross the rail tracks in this manner, the roads usually go over or under.
Off topic now, this is lead roofed Steventon village church,
Mini waterfall, Steventon, the fall is very lively after yesterdays heavy rains.
This is a photo I took yesterday in the rain in Drayton, this wall is painstaking being replaced by stonemasons with new stone after the old wall collapse a few months ago

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  1. By: Lednar De Nalloh Posted: October 2, 2020

    I wonder if the old stone wall was a ‘Dry’ one and now they’re adding some cement to make the new one stronger.

    • By: DJG Posted: October 3, 2020

      Thanks, this is a very busy line so I had to be pretty quick before the next train came along.

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