Wander in a Woodland

Since the weather turned colder, I’ve been trying to do an in-the-woods hike each week. Thursday I did my third short hike. We live very close to a donor-supported public park called The Parklands of Floyds Fork. It’s comprised of four individual parks joined together with a 20-mile bike path. I’ve been riding there since we moved here in December 2016, but my only hikes have been with clubs. Due to all club and group activities being canceled due to Covid 19, I decided I’d try hiking alone. So far, my solo hikes have been between 2 and 2.5 miles…short enough that I have time to play with my camera.

Here are a few pictures showing some unique features of the new Moss Gibbs Woodland Garden Trail.

The beginning of the hike takes you up a big hill and after that the paths are basically rolling.
Toward the end you’ll see the path across this bridge.
There are alternate routes if you aren’t adventurous enough or able to move from stone to stone.
I didn’t have time to sit, but there are many places one could do that. The swing looked inviting.
The burl is on a huge tree.
Top of bridge…on my way back
Floyds Fork is quite a distance below where I was hiking. Most streams around here are green.

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  1. By: The Navigator Posted: January 10, 2021

    That looks like a very peaceful and lovely place for a wander in all seasons. It is wonderful it is close to you.

    • By: Laura Posted: January 10, 2021

      It is a peaceful place to walk, especially at this time of year. I only saw one male and three or four females. Considering all it offers, it is one of our favorite places to send yearly donations.

  2. By: NancyG Posted: January 10, 2021

    What a gem to have so close to where you live. They put a lot of thought and work into that park and it sure seems to allow you to feel the wilderness ;’-). Your hike on this day is about the prefect distance for me. Thanks for posting and your photos are fantastic.

    • By: Laura Posted: January 10, 2021

      Thank you. I thought it looked like a great campsite, but camping is one thing not allowed in The Parklands.

  3. By: BobinVT Posted: January 10, 2021

    That looks like a wonderful park!

    • By: Laura Posted: January 10, 2021

      It is and anyone passing through eastern Louisville with a bicycle could get in a forty miles ride and see the whole thing. We are warm shower hosts and that means people are expected to come on their bikes, but Jim and I would make exceptions for any of my friends on this site.

  4. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: January 10, 2021

    All that so close and and 20 miles bike path too!
    Now Im green!!

    • By: Laura Posted: January 10, 2021

      Louisville is doing better with bike lanes and a few bike paths. This is part of the Louisville Loop that one day is supposed to circle the city with a 100 mile route. Doubt I live long enough to see it, but I hope so.

  5. By: gregblood Posted: January 10, 2021

    Interesting structures in that park. That platform on the side of the hill looks like a nice place for a backcountry snack/lunch, and the bench looks like a good place for a mid-hike snooze.

    • By: Laura Posted: January 10, 2021

      There are other benches that are carved from trees that are very interesting, too. If I’d had time, I’d been like Goldilocks and tried them all.

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