Waterfalling Wednesday

As I have exhausted the local supply of waterfalls, with last weeks offering, I chose the following as today entry.

This set of weir gates is only opened during periods of high water levels as we are experiencing just now. The building in the background with the chimneys is the Lock Keepers house.

Looks as though all of these gates are open, the noise from both sets of gates was tremendous.

2 response to "Waterfalling Wednesday"

  1. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: January 4, 2023

    That is a huge amount of fast moving water!
    Must have been thunderous to hear.

    Be interesting to know how the weirs are regulated according to rainfall amount, area, and % runoff.

    Here. a one inch rain over one square mile amounts to nearly 18 million gallons.

    • By: DJG Posted: January 5, 2023

      Generally weirs are located close to locks, the lock keepers would adjust the gates as required.
      Certainly on the Thames at least not all of the locks are manned all of the time, probably remotely controlled via an App.
      Going by you’re figure, Bill is in for a load of water this coming week then.

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