“Weather” I Should Post About an Alternate Form of Exercise or Not!

The Falls are not as impressive, now that there are dams and water controls, but the city of Louisville started as a settlement of people who wished to go no farther due to the falls and those who provided services to the river traffic.

I was reminded by another member or two, that I could still post about hiking. I really haven’t had time for all of my hikes…one was 5 days in a row with camping. To prove I haven’t been a total slug I’ll post this one. I hadn’t taken my good camera, so this is a cell phone picture.

Today, I was hiking with the Louisville Hiking Club, a group I’ve hiked with on and off for nearly thirty years. I’m the only member who has actually joined three times. Today, my daughter hiked with us. In fact, she drove me to the starting point. I’ve had problems with my left eye since July and I’m always grateful for a ride.

We began in downtown Louisville and walked across the river on the bicycle/pedestrian bridge. Once back on the ground, we followed the river west to Indiana’s Falls of the Ohio State Park. It was 6.7 miles by the time we returned and I was very tired. The weather for the day was overcast and the temperature when we began was in the thirties, I really liked the clouds. Usually when it is overcast here, the sky is just very blah!

I was only home a short time, when I had to leave again to pick up three new foster kittens…they are 4-week-old brown tabby males. I can’t tell them apart. I was told to use different colored markers and put a dot in the ear of each cat, so when I weigh them, I’m sure I’m comparing the new weight to the same cat’s weight from the night before. These have to be the cutest I’ve ever fostered.

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  1. By: Lednar De Nalloh Posted: November 13, 2021

    After cycling, bushwalking is my next favourite activity, safer too.

    No kitten photos?

    • By: Laura Posted: November 16, 2021

      This reply is to all who asked about the kittens. I thought perhaps I could put a picture of one of the kittens in a reply, but looks like there is no way to add one. Can’t think of a way to post one without doing an entirely new post….which might be stretching the use of this site a little too much.

      • By: Lednar De Nalloh Posted: November 16, 2021

        I’d add it to your next post. We’ve just had puppies so I’ll do a video for next time.

  2. By: Suzanne Posted: November 14, 2021

    Welcome back, Laura! Beautiful picture! So nice to hear about your walks, glad you decided to post. How about a picture of those cute little kittens you are fostering? Is Skunkers tolerant of new cats in his territory?

  3. By: NancyG Posted: November 14, 2021

    I love to see you here Laura. I too was wondering if Skunkers is adapting to new kittens — and would love a few photos of your hikes and of the kitties. ;’-).

  4. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: November 14, 2021

    Great you were able to get out — beautiful photo!
    Cycling 6.7 miles is not a problem for me, hiking it would be a totally different thing!

    Kitten pix please!!!
    Very good of you to foster the kittens!
    At 4 weeks, they still have some bottle feeding to go — feeding 3 kittens every 2 hours around the clock is a very dedicated undertaking!

    • By: Laura Posted: November 18, 2021

      Actually, these little guys were all eating meat and a little dry food. Someone has certainly not learned to use the litter box though.

  5. By: gregblood Posted: November 14, 2021

    Next to cycling, hiking and camping is my favorite activity of all. Good job. The Louisville Hiking Club is lucky to have you as a member.

    And thanks for that weather picture. The clouds are quite ominous.

  6. By: Scooter Posted: November 16, 2021

    Pretty fine bridge shot for one taken from your phone, Laura. Great hearing from you again, but of course we expect kitty pics next time.

    • By: Laura Posted: November 18, 2021

      That bridge is no longer in use and we were hoping it would become the last part of a circular bike path along the Kentucky and Indiana shore. The owners will not cooperate, so it sits and rusts away.

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