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  1. By: BobinVT Posted: April 10, 2021

    Hmmm, riding my bike to a baseball game, and having valet bike parking when I get there… I think I may have found the new “bucket list” item for my life.

    • By: Bill Stone Posted: April 12, 2021

      In a normal season with full capacity — usually sold out — the valet bike parking does a booming business. And always an interesting assortment of bikes (and riders) lined up for parking. I don’t know if any other MLB stadiums offer the same kind of service.

  2. By: Suzanne Posted: April 11, 2021

    Beautiful weather, beautiful pictures, looks like a gorgeous ride.
    Btw, pictures 3 and 4 didn’t show on my computer. Perhaps the error is on my end?

  3. By: gregblood Posted: April 11, 2021

    I know it’s kind of a bummer when your favorite baseball team doesn’t make the playoffs, but it might be worse when your favorite baseball team makes the playoffs six times in 13 years and can’t win A SINGLE GAME. You read that right. The Twins have been swept in the first round of the playoffs six straight times for a record of 0-16. (One of those was a one-game playoff.) Further, the Twins’ record is 3-26 in their last 29 playoff games.

    I liked seeing the Ogre next to the pitcher with the highest leg kick in MLB history and the second-best hitter in MLB history.

    • By: Bill Stone Posted: April 12, 2021

      Wow! Did not know about that string of Twins futility. That’s rough. As to your dastardly dissing of Willie Mays, the MLB GOAT, I refuse to dignify such a comment with a response. 😉

  4. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: April 11, 2021

    Good to see things getting somewhat back to normal in the Bay Area.
    Enjoyed the photos, lots of interesting stuff there, and appreciate you pointing out what is in the photo.
    The Liberty Ship is particularly interesting.

    • By: Bill Stone Posted: April 12, 2021

      Little by little, life as we once knew it begins to resume. I’ve had two hits of Pfizer, but wore a mask while remaining outdoors in breezy conditions and tried not to get too close to anyone. That was a little difficult on the Golden Gate Bridge due to all the tourists, but 99 percent of them were masked, and the wind was screaming in from the Pacific, so I felt pretty safe. Safer than venturing into Target, REI, or supermarket. 😉

  5. By: Lednar De Nalloh Posted: April 11, 2021

    Never get tired of San Fran photos.

    • By: Bill Stone Posted: April 12, 2021

      Yep, point camera in any direction along the Bay, and results look pretty good. I skipped shots of some of the best scenery, just because I’ve photographed some of those spots so often. Sometimes I think SF and Perth resemble each other in a lot of ways.

      • By: Lednar De Nalloh Posted: April 14, 2021

        I’ve always thought Perth is very San Diego-ish. Sydney does have a San Fran feel I reckon, being hilly and water everywhere.

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