Wrinkled Crinkled and Sort of Strange

Folded paper and cardboard

Always a treat to find a little snack along the road  😉

Yes, simply recycle along 6th Avenue

The township guys appreciate your support of their job security


Lots of bends in the tire marks at the end of 6th Avenue AKA “Dog Pound Road”

Monical’s has just got to quit putting those magic mushrooms on the pizza!!

Major ouchie on a Chevy Cruze

(not seen, damage on the front too)

Wrinkled and Crinkled plastic bag

One of 12 or so scattered along the road

Socks along 4000N

Good news is, there are 2 pair — not just one or three




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  1. By: NancyG Posted: July 27, 2022

    Two pair of socks — complete even. That IS a find.
    Your tire marks on the road photo reminds me I got a photo today that could be considered :”strange”. I will go back now and post it as I forgot about it on my phone.

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